Beyond Relaxation Apps: NuCalm Is a Powerful Tool for Relaxing at the Dentist

A small startup is promoting its exciting new product: a relaxation app that can help children be calm at the dentist. This is a great potential benefit: children need to get in the habit of seeing the dentist to establish good oral health for life. However, they often see the place as strange and scary, [...]

Overcome Anxiety to Enjoy Better Oral Health

One of the best ways to have a better year in 2019 is to improve your oral health. Not only can you enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile, but you’ll also enjoy improved overall health. Good oral health can help you avoid heart disease, pneumonia, dementia, and more. And while you might [...]

Find the Right Sedation for a Relaxed Visit to the Dentist

If you experience dental anxiety that makes it hard or impossible for you to get the dental care you need or the cosmetic dentistry procedures you desire, sedation can make the difference. However, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which is the right sedation approach for you. But let us help you decide with these [...]

Love the Thought of a New Smile, but Not Dental Work? Let Us Help

There are few of us that wouldn’t love to improve our smile. Who doesn’t want a beautiful, healthy smile to share with friends and family, coworkers and clients? We want a smile that we can readily share to brighten the day of a stranger on the street. You want to be able to catch the [...]

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