Vision Statement

A Wellness Center with an emphasis on Beauty, Balance, and Breath with a global approach towards craniofacial development, airway optimization, and facial aesthetics.

Core Values

Integrity – doing the right thing no matter the circumstances

Application: sticking to your guns when things get difficult while always remaining honest

Initiative – unwavering determination to take proactive steps to be better than you were yesterday

Application: taking steps to improve the business without being asked, learning a new technique or skill, bringing new ideas to the table, modifying and improving systems and processes

Passionate – an inextinguishable fire within you to bring wellness to others

Application: truly enjoying what you do and bringing joy to others while you do it, feeling that work and play are one and the same

Loyalty- the relentless pursuit of the Vision of the practice

Application: all your actions must fall in line with our Vision and work towards the betterment and success of the practice

Patient-Centric- to continuously deliver a unique and genuine experience by providing exceptional care to every patient

Application: going above-and-beyond with customer service, making all decisions and recommendations with the patients’ best interest at heart

Emotional Intelligence- to actively listen with curiosity and without judgement to help guide our patients on their wellness journey

Application: treating every patient like an individual with a unique story, asking clarifying questions to gain understanding of their specific goals and needs, treating everyone with empathy and respect

Accountability- acknowledging and celebrating your wins while taking ownership of your losses and seeking constructive criticism for personal and professional growth

Application: share your wins, own your mistakes, ask for feedback and apply, don’t point fingers, collaboratively correct the problem

Mission statement

To guide our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness for life, with an emphasis on dental health. To non-judgmentally deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding. To continuously and relentlessly pursue excellence through continuing education, personal and team growth and mastering of leading edge technology. To treat our patients and employees as individuals. To deliver this care with first class, five star service. To respect our patients’ time. To accept our patients as partners in their wellness. To assume a leadership role as a resource- a body of information with concern for our patients’ overall well being. To consistently deliver more than would reasonably be expected.

Career Opportunities

Dr. Pamela Marzban understands that her success is highly dependent upon the value we place on the team members. She strives to ensure that employees have a healthy work-life balance, are excited to come to work each day, and feel that their hard work is being appreciated. If your values align with hers, and you feel you could be a valuable asset to our team please submit a copy of your most updated resume here. If we are not actively hiring at the time of your application, we will keep your resume on file and contact you should an opening arise.

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