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Digital Smile Design LogoThese patients are seeing their new smiles for the first time… in the first consultation, before the procedure. Cosmetic Dentistry and Digital Smile Design makes your new smile a reality on video!

When a cosmetic patient sees their new smile for the first time, they usually have an outburst of joy. Patients laugh, smile and sometimes, they are moved to tears of joy. That’s the power of cosmetic dentistry. When we use Digital Smile Design, we see the same reactions. This leading-edge dental technology shows your new smile on video, which is so lifelike. Our patients instantly know the power of their new smile when they first see it on Digital Smile Design video. It’s the instant validation of how great your new smile will look.


Are you ready to see yourself with a new, cosmetically enhanced smile? In a consultation with Dr. Marzban, you can see your new smile first with our Digital Smile Design technology. Our amazing imaging technology shows you video of how your new smile will look in the first consultation. No visualizing or guessing is needed for cosmetic enhancement with Dr. Marzban. Our patients know how their results will look BEFORE the cosmetic procedures.

A smile makeover is exciting and life-changing because it’s a big move! But big moves come with risks, and many people are unsure about cosmetic procedures because they can’t visualize how they will look with a new smile. They ask, “Will it be worth it?” and “What if I don’t like it?” This is why Digital Smile Design is such a game-changer. Right there in the consultation with Dr. Marzban, you will see what your new smile looks like, live in video with all your expressions.

Experience Digital Smile Design in a consult with Dr. Marzban by making an appointment here.  Dr. Marzban and her team will guide you through a detailed consultation and you will see your new smile on video, be able to give feedback to adjust the design, and satisfy your need to know the impact cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Marzban can have on your smile.

What Is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile DesignDSD is an advanced approach to cosmetic dentistry that utilizes the latest imaging and processing technology in designing your smile makeover. It gives us detailed control over every aspect of the design, and the process is so straightforward, visual, and intuitive that you can take part in the process. It also lets us harmonize your smile design with your facial features. It also lets us incorporate videos so we ensure this harmony is dynamic, and gives an attractive result for all the smiles that you naturally give.

We can take your suggestions and turn them into design features right before your eyes, so you can see if that’s actually what you’re looking for. We will use our expertise to guide the process, but, in the end, you are in control in a way that’s never been possible before.

Your smile doesn’t just sit isolated in space: it’s part of your face, and it has to be designed that way. With DSD, we can use images of your face to make sure that your new smile is in harmony with your lips, your cheeks, and your eyes–it looks like a natural part of your face. So natural, in fact, that likely no one will guess that you’ve had a smile makeover.

It’s wrong to think of a smile as a frozen expression. Smiles can flash across your face like spring storms–intense, but fleeting. A truly great smile design isn’t just made for the static grin in a picture: it’s also designed to look great in these rapidly-evolving expressions. By incorporating video into the design process, we can ensure that your smile is as dynamic as your personality. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Benefits of Digital Smile Design

Happy Mature Couple EmbracingSo what are the benefits of DSD for you? Here are some of the main benefits:

  • Have more input into your smile design
  • See the results before you start–even in video
  • Beautiful results
  • Your smile harmonizes with your overall facial appearance
  • Our improved communication with labs means faster and more accurate restorations

With digital smile design, we can put you in control of your smile makeover as you haven’t been in the past. And now we can show you the results of your smile makeover before you begin. This includes videos of you talking and laughing with your new smile. You will love how beautiful your smile looks and how it harmonizes with the rest of your face.

And you’ll be able to enjoy your results faster thanks to our improved digital communication with the dental lab.

Start Your Digital Smile Design Story Today

Your smile has a story, and now you can take control of that story as you’ve never been able to in the past. The first step is for you to to get in touch with us to set up a consultation. Please call 703-940-1350  today for an appointment with Fairfax County cosmetic dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban in Burke, VA.

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