Are you concerned about the potential impact of toxic substances used at the dentist’s office? Do you think it’s important to harmonize care for your oral health with care for your overall health? Do you think tooth restorations should be as close to natural tooth material as possible? If so, then you might benefit from working with a holistic dentist.

Dr. Pamela Marzban believes in the principles of holistic dentistry and she will respect your body’s needs for healthy care in the mouth and elsewhere. If you would like to talk to holistic dentist Dr. Marzban in person about holistic dentistry, please call 703-323-8200 today for an appointment at her dental office in Burke, VA.

A happy couple that utilizes the holistic dentistry that is offered in Burke, VirginiaSafe Dental Materials

One of the biggest problems in dentistry is that many of the restorative materials and techniques used can be damaging to your teeth and your overall health. Dr. Marzban strives to use materials that are healthy for your teeth.

We offer metal-free restorations. We never use mercury amalgam fillings. Mercury is one of the most toxic elements found on Earth. Mercury exposure can lead to developmental problems, skin problems, and neurological damage that can be felt in many forms from itching or tingling skin to cognitive dysfunction.

Metal amalgam fillings are about 50% mercury by weight, making them a potentially toxic contributor to your body’s pollution burden.

Although mercury is the worst offender, all types of metal are potentially harmful. Many people experience metal allergies that can cause minor discoloration of nearby tissues, or may lead to systemic effects, such as chronic discomfort or flu-like symptoms. That’s why we offer completely metal-free restorations. We use either ceramic or BPA-free composite fillings.

The Part and the Whole

Another key aspect of holistic dentistry is that it’s important to consider your mouth as part of your whole body. It cannot be treated as a separate entity, and we have to look a the ways that oral health problems can contribute to health problems elsewhere in your body, and the way that oral health problems may be signs of other disorders.

We know that gum disease is a chronic infection that can cause systemic inflammation that contributes to heart problems, diabetes, and may even contribute to cancer risk. That’s why we offer comprehensive gum disease treatment including Perio Protect.

We also know that jaw disorders can impact your breathing and can impact your body’s overall neuromuscular balance. That’s why we offer treatment for sleep apnea and TMJ. This encourages the health of your entire body, and can preserve your oral health, too.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry starts with the basic premise that there is nothing better than your natural tooth structure. Therefore, as biomimetic dentists, we work hard to preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible. And when it’s necessary to remove some natural tooth material, we try to remove as little as possible and replace it with material that looks and functions as much as possible like your natural tooth material.

This is another reason to avoid metal and metal amalgam restorations. Metal functions very differently from natural tooth enamel, which more closely resembles a ceramic or glass. So we prefer to use ceramic fillings in your teeth to try to replace tooth material that’s lost to decay or trauma. These are not only the most attractive, they’re also the longest-lasting filling, with the potential to last longer than gold or amalgam.

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