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Embarking on a journey to transform your smile is an exciting adventure filled with endless possibilities! As you gear up for your smile makeover, it’s essential to ensure you’re on the right track for a dazzling and healthy outcome. Join us as we explore the key checkpoints on the road to your radiant smile, from maintaining oral health to setting realistic expectations and finding the perfect cosmetic treatment for you. Dr. Pam Marzban, skilled and qualified Fairfax dentist is ready to meet with you today to find exactly what will leave you with the smile makeover of your dreams.

What makes the ideal candidate for a smile makeover?

  1. Maintaining good oral health is crucial because poor dental hygiene or other oral problems can compromise the lifespan and effectiveness of various cosmetic and restorative procedures. For instance, gum disease can lead to complications. If you have gum disease, Dr. Marzban may recommend treating it before undergoing cosmetic dentistry to ensure the longevity of your restorative dental work.
  2. Good overall health is another important factor, as certain systemic issues like diabetes or heart disease can increase the risk of complications. Additionally, ongoing radiation treatments may affect your candidacy for more intensive procedures in a smile makeover, although less invasive treatments like teeth whitening may still be viable.
  3. Regular attendance with your dentist is advised by the American Dental Association, emphasizing the importance of seeing your dentist every six months for a check-up, including an examination and dental cleaning. Establishing a routine of regular check-ups is essential before embarking on a smile makeover.
  4. Maintaining realistic expectations is crucial, as modern cosmetic dentistry can significantly enhance smiles, but it’s not an instant process. Multiple treatments are often necessary, scheduled several weeks apart. For example, if dental implants are part of your smile makeover in Fairfax Station, completing this procedure alone could take six months or more.
  5. Ensuring that your cosmetic dentist is experienced and well-qualified is vital. Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized field that requires post-graduate education. A consultation before any cosmetic work begins is essential. During this appointment with Dr. Pamela Marzban, your medical history is reviewed, and your current dental health is evaluated, including X-rays to assess jawbone health. This consultation also provides an opportunity to discuss your aesthetic goals and address any questions you may have.

Get a better smile in Fairfax

The smile of your dreams is achievable. Dr. Pamela Marzban recommends setting up a consultation today to see what she can do for you. Find out more today and call Dr. Marzban at 703-940-1350  to schedule today.

Dr. Pamela Marzban is here to serve the oral health needs of patients in the areas of Fairfax, Fairfax Station, and Burke, VA.

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