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Without the proper amount of sleep, you cannot be your best, physically or mentally. Obstructive sleep apnea makes it all but impossible to get the amount of rest you need. This sleep breathing disorder can affect patients of any age, including children. A trained sleep apnea dentist like Pamela Marzban, DDS, can treat sleep apnea in children through oral appliance therapy. Find out more today on the blog.

A customized oral appliance can resolve sleep apnea without the need for CPAP

Dr. Marzban offers the MicrO2 appliance for her patients in Burke and the surrounding communities in Virginia. This oral appliance provides a non-invasive, non-surgical solution to sleep apnea as well as snoring.

When worn properly, the MicrO2 can help your child:

  • Improve the quality of their sleep;
  • Improve their physical health;
  • Have better focus and performance in school; and
  • Boost their emotional well-being.

What sets apart the MicrO2 appliance?

A customized oral appliance provided by a trained, experienced sleep apnea dentist represents a significant upgrade for treating your snoring and sleep apnea compared to a store-bought night guard or mouthpiece.

The MicrO2, however, is designed to be the most comfortable sleep appliance currently available.

How is this comfort achieved?

  • Smoothly contoured borders on the appliance, which avoid irritating the lips, cheeks and gums
  • Smaller sized than many other oral appliances, meaning there is more room to accommodate the tongue
  • The lower profile of the device places less strain on jaw muscles
  • Easy to adjust
  • Digital design means the device makes a comfortable, accurate fit 

The process of receiving an oral appliance

A sleep apnea diagnosis only can come from a qualified sleep specialist. However, we offer the WatchPAT ™ device, which allows your child to undergo a sleep study from the comfort of your own home. The details of this sleep study then can be forwarded to a specialist for an official diagnosis.

If your child is found to have sleep apnea, Dr. Marzban employs diagnostic imaging to obtain a comprehensive picture of your child’s oral health, including the shape and positions of their jawbones and teeth. From there, if the MicrO2 appliance is determined to be a good solution, Dr. Marzban will compose an individualized treatment plan for your child that includes a MicrO2 appliance that has been custom-made to make a snug, effective and comfortable fit in your mouth.

The importance of diagnosis and treatment

Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious medical condition. Just ignoring it is the worst decision that you can make; the symptoms and consequences of sleep apnea only become more serious as time passes.

Long term, the ramifications of untreated sleep apnea for your child may include:

  • Frequent feelings of exhaustion during the day
  • Difficulty focusing on schoolwork
  • Painful headaches, especially first thing in the morning
  • Unexplainable fits of irritability, anxiety or depression
  • Delays in physical growth and development
  • Children with sleep apnea also tend to manifest symptoms of a behavioral disorder such as ADD or ADHD.

Pediatric sleep apnea treatment in Burke, Virginia

If your child has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy can be the solution. To find out more, schedule a consultation today at the office of Pamela Marzban, DDS, by calling (703) 323-8200 or contacting us online.

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