Most people who see their doctor for the treatment of sleep apnea are prescribed CPAP. Unfortunately, CPAP isn’t very comfortable, and most people find that they are unable to keep up with treatment. They look for a more comfortable treatment with oral appliances. But it’s important to understand that there are many different types of oral appliances, and some are more comfortable than others.

MicrO2 is designed to be the most comfortable sleep appliance available. It’s got smoothly contoured borders to avoid irritation of cheeks and gums. It’s a smaller device than other sleep appliances, but it also allows more tongue room. And it’s easy to adjust–there are no screws or elastics to mess with.

Do you want to learn whether MicrO2 is the secret to a comfortable, restful night’s sleep in Burke or surrounding areas of Virginia, please call 703-940-1350 today for an appointment with sleep dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban.

Benefits of MicrO2

MicrO2 is a relatively new alternative for people with sleep apnea. But it’s growing rapidly in popularity.

In addition to the standard benefits that set oral appliances above CPAP for many people, MicrO2 is appealing because:

  • Contoured edges avoid lip and cheek irritation
  • Lower profile can be more comfortable for jaw muscles
  • Offers more tongue room
  • It’s easy to adjust
  • Great fit and accuracy with digital design
  • Highly durable construction

MicrO2 is designed to further improve the comfort of oral appliances. All the borders of the device are contoured to avoid irritation of your lips and cheeks. The compact design is more comfortable for many people who might find that other oral appliances make their jaw muscles sore. Despite the lower profile, MicrO2 actually creates more room for your tongue, which also makes it more comfortable to wear.

Burke VA sleep apnea alternative MicrO2

Many people find that oral appliances can be difficult to adjust. The screws or elastics can be hard to manage, but MicrO2 uses a completely different method of adjustment: all you have to do is trade out the components to make the device smaller or larger.

MicrO2 benefits from recent advances in in CAD/CAM technology. This allows the device to be designed digitally and manufactured exactly to specifications so that the fit and accuracy of the appliance is outstanding.

It also benefits from recent advances in material science, so the appliance is made of a highly durable BPA-free plastic. The PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate, the plastic commonly used in dentures) is cured under factory-controlled conditions to ensure maximum strength and durability with limited porosity. This makes the appliance strong and less likely to pick up odors.

How MicrO2 Works

MicrO2 is an oral appliance with the same basic function as other mandibular advancement devices (MADs). The jaw is the primary bony support for your windpipe. When your muscles relax during sleep, your airway depends on your jaw for support. Moving the jaw position forward can help hold the airway open by supporting the windpipe and keeping your tongue out of the way.

MicrO2 is made up of two parts, one for your upper arch and one for your lower arch. When one part is slipped over each arch of teeth, posts on the upper and lower part interact to hold your lower jaw forward. But because the two parts don’t lock together in any way, your jaws are still free to move otherwise. You can easily open and close your mouth and it won’t displace the appliance.

If you are unhappy with CPAP or even with your current oral appliance, MicrO2 offers a more comfortable alternative. If you want to learn whether this sleep apnea treatment option is right for you, please call 703-940-1350 today for an appointment with Burke, VA sleep dentist Dr. Pamela Marzban.

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